Monday, May 18, 2009

U.S.A. Confidential, Part II

Sea Foam and Kelp : Fort Bragg, CA

Traveling the United States for the next few weeks. Come along and see what I see. I'll post updates to this entry as I travel and will include a photo at the top as a teaser for those of you coming to this blog from City Daily Photo.

04.19.09: Charlottesville Confidential
04.20.09: Biltmore Confidential
04.21.09: Georgia Confidential and Birmingham Confidential04.23.09: Meridian Confidential and New Orleans Confidential: The Twilight Edition
04.24.09: New Orleans Confidential: The Daylight Edition and Oak Alley Confidential
04.25.09: Missions Confidential
04.26.09: San Antonio Confidential, Hill Country Confidential, and LBJ Confidential
04.27.09: Coleman Confidential: Family Edition and West Texas Confidential
04.28.09: Carlsbad Confidential
04.29.09: Northern New Mexico Confidential
04.30.09: Acoma Pueblo Confidential and El Morro Confidential
05.01.09: No photos today! But I did get a haircut. And it only cost $30. I think I'm moving to Flagstaff, Arizona! :-)
05.02.09: Sunset Crater Confidential and Wupatki Confidential
05.03.09: Sedona Confidential and Two Things Challenge: Open / Road
05.04.09: Grand Canyon Confidential
05.05.09: Flagstaff Confidential
05.06.09: Route 66 Confidential
05.07.09: Bakersfield Confidential
05.08.09: Yosemite Confidential
05.09.09: Cordelia Confidential: Family Edition
05.10.09: San Francisco Confidential
05.11.09: San Francisco Confidential, Part II
05.12.09: Fort Bragg Confidential
05.13.09: Humboldt County Confidential
05.14.09: Oregon Coast Confidential
05.15.09: Whidbey Island Confidential


Dusty Lens said...

Have a fun and safe journey!

Babooshka said...

What a cool idea. On The Road, blogger style. I'm sure V will give you a real xenodochial welocme

Miranda McAfee said...

Sounds like a blast! Have fun and be safe.

marley said...

A State wide tour!

Lucy said...

Take a picture of Moses Lake downtown.

I just can't get off of something, can I. :)

D.C. Confidential / Janet Kincaid said...

Rob: We're trying!

Babooshka: I have a feeling we're going to do a lot of laughing at VJ's. In fact, I expect my ribs to hurt as a result.

Miranda: Nothing better than a road trip! Thanks for your good wishes.

Marley: We'll be traveling through Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Oregon, and Washington. Hope you'll join us cyberly.

Lucy: You and Moses Lake! ;-) One day, I'll go out there and take pictures, just for you!

Brian said...

I'm insanely jealous! I absolutely love road trips, and the south is so beautiful this time of year!

Cele said...

have an incredible amount of fun. We'll be here awaiting the pictures.

Anonymous said...

This blog is a blast! Love seeing your pictures of your trip.

Sad thing is I just went to D.C. for the first time in my life, and I kept thinking it was too bad you weren't there.


D.C. Confidential / Janet Kincaid said...

Brian: Wish you were along for the trip. It would be great to have your vast knowledge of America at our beck and call!

Cele: Glad you're enjoying these! Can't wait to meet you in person and feature your town on my blog!

Pheebs: You were just in D.C.?! Dammit! When were you there? Why? Ugh. I can't believe I missed you. :-( Boo.

Anonymous said...

We really needed you, too. Kept getting lost on all those damn freeway systems, and parking in probably the most expensive lots because we didn't know better.

We went there after my husband ran in the Boston Marathon because I've never seen D.C. before, and we were close enough to hop a plane and take a look. The architecture and monuments in D.C. are truly awesome in the truest sense of the word awesome. As awe-struck as I was, however, I wasn't touched so deeply as I was when I saw the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. No amount of marble could express the highest honor given there. I could go on for a while about this, but this is your blog.

Hilda said...

Lovely old church and that well is just gorgeous!

Have a wonderful trip! Sounds like a fantastic tour!

Janet Kincaid said...

Pheebs: Damn! I'm so bummed I missed you guys. I would have loved showing you around and taking you for breakfast at the Eastern Market and hanging out at a museum or two or ten. I'm glad you enjoyed Washington and esp. that you were moved by the Changing of the Guard at Arlington National Cemetery. That has to be the most moving ceremony in all of Washington.

Hilda: So far, the trip has been fun! I've seen a lot of cool stuff with still more cool stuff to come!

Virginia said...

:HELLO! Georgia O'Keeffe???? Get er done!

foundinidaho said...

What Virginia said.

Cool pictures and can't wait to see more.

alice said...

Thanks to Virginia, now I know your blog!