Monday, May 11, 2009

San Francisco Confidential

Ti Couz--which means The Old House--is one of San Francisco's
best restaurants in terms of food. The main fare: crepes made by chef Sylvia Le Mer
in the style of her hometown of Brittany in northwest France.

Today, we spent a few hours in Berzerkeley and Stan and Fran's Disco (that's Berkeley and San Francisco to the rest of you.) My long-time friend Thea Hillman lives in the former and is about to have a baby, so we popped in for a quick visit. After that, we braved traffic, crossed the Bay Bridge, and drove into San Francisco. The goal: Ti Couz. This is, hands down, the best restaurant in the universe. Seriously. One word: crepes. Yum.

We enjoyed smoked salmon with scallions and creme fraiche and shrimp and scallops with seafood sauce. To top it off, we split a dessert crepe with bananas, nutella, and vanilla ice cream. We each washed it down with a made-to-your-taste Citron Presse. That's just a fancy word for make-it-yourself lemonade!

Mission Dolores, named for a nearby creek,
the Arroyo de los Dolores--or the Creek of Sorrows.

Having filled our bellies, we then went for a walk in the Mission District and took photos of the Mission Dolores and the basilica. The mission is the oldest intact building in San Francisco and the only remaining chapel out of 21 mission chapels establish by Father Junipero Serra along the El Camino Real. Finishing up the evening, we drove out to Treasure Island and watched the last of the sunset behind Baghdad on the Bay (again, that's San Francisco. Sometimes, it's also called the Barbary Coast.)

A quick note of thanks to my friend Sid and his partner Toz for letting us stay with them at the last minute after our accommodation arrangements fell through elsewhere.

And now, it's time to head up the coast!

Photo copyright: Janet Kincaid, 05/09


Cele said...

I have never been to Mission San Fransico, it is beautiful. Crepes, darn you made me hungry.

marley said...

I llike the detail of the Basillica, very nice. And the sunset photos are lovely. But for me the best has to be the crepe! Delicious!

Countess Von Blogula said...

Ahh, your Mission photo is beautiful.

Thanks for the restaurant review - salmon with creme fraiche..mmmm.

Maya said...

That restaurant was fantastic! You failed to mention that was your birthday dinner! ;-) Nice photos (especially the sunset shots).

Janet Kincaid said...

Cele: The Mission Dolores is gorgeous! Next time you're in S.F., visit. And Ti Couz is an absolute must!

Marley: The crepes are divine. If you and Mrs. Marley ever get to the states, add to your list of must-eats.

Donna: Thank you! The crepes are divine. (Did I say that already.) Salmon with creme fraiche is my favorite.

Maya: Did I forget to mention it was my birthday. Hm. I had fun photographing this mission with you. The light was perfect! But then, it usually is in the Mission District.