Sunday, May 3, 2009

Two Things Challenge: Open / Road

On the open road in Sedona, AZ
(Click image to enlarge)

This week's Two Things Challenge (or last's, depending on who's keeping track) is Open / Road. The photo above is of one of the many sandstone formations surrounding the beautiful Arizona city of Sedona. I took this from the back seat of the car.

Photo copyright: Janet Kincaid, 05/09


Lucy said...

I knew that was Sedona before I ever read the location. I've been thinking of going up there. Maybe to get out for a get blog know. Pretty, isn't it.

marley said...

Just perfect. I think the open/road challenge was made for you at the moment!

Virginia said...

Well at least you weren't driving and shooting like you usually are! V

Maya said...

Hey! I think I recognize those arms! At least some of us put two hands on the wheel...

Janet Kincaid said...

Lucy: A day trip is definitely worth doing!

Marley: Confession--I rigged the challenge in my favor!

VJ: Nope. Maya was doing the driving that time.

Maya: Whatever. ;-)