Thursday, April 23, 2009

Meridian Confidential

Shan Little: Metal Artist and Director of Events at the Chili House

Halfway between Birmingham and New Orleans on I-20/59 and just over the border in Mississippi is the town of Meridian. At the exit for 31st Avenue, there are the typical interstate offerings for culinary fare and sustenance. Rather than eat lunch at Cracker Barrel or McDonald's, though, we drove into downtown Meridian and had lunch at the Chili House across from the post office. It was there that we met Shan Little*--a metal artist and Director of Events at Meridian's spicy gustatory spot. In fact, she made both of the metal pieces featured in today's photos. Shan is also the newest addition to my 100 Strangers series.

Repurposing a 55-gallon drum lid : Created by Shan Little for the Chili House
(Click image to enlarge)

If you want good eats, stop in Meridian at the Chili House where the motto is Good Mood, Great Food! And, if you're interested in blues and bikes, be sure to be in Meridian on June 13 when Shan and the good folks at the Chili House will be hosting Meridian's first Bike & Blues Festival. The event will feature bikers from all over, as well as music by The Dominoes and the Ned Addy Band. The event is free. If you want more information, contact Shan.

* For the record, her name is really Shan. It isn't short for Shannon or anything else. Just Shan.

Photo copyright: Janet Kincaid, 04/09


lacochran said...

You know, I do believe "Good mood, great food" in that if you're in a lousy mood when you create the food, the food doesn't turn out. For realz.

Glad you're having a good adventure. :)

Maya said...

Great Strangers post! Shan was so much fun. And for the record, I will never call her Shannon! ;-)

Virginia said...

Well She........., I"m sorry I missed this stop. Wonder if I could make a short trip to Meridian and dine there? I wished for you all today at the Magic City Art Connection. Life's not fair.

Godinla said...

I have a friend who spent a Summer in Meridian. He said the mosquitoes were the size or dragons.

Janet Kincaid said...

LA: I agree wholeheartedly. If you're in a crappy mood, you shouldn't be cooking. Ruins it for everyone.

Maya: Shan was very cool! I think I'm going to contact her and have her make me a piece of 55-gallon lid art.

VJ: You should absolutely go to Meridian! They're working on revitalizing their downtown, so there are some great streets and buildings to see.

GIL: We missed the mosquitoes entirely. And thank God for that! I hate mosquitoes. Hate them. Did I mention I hate them?