Monday, May 4, 2009

Grand Canyon Confidential

Grand Canyon View

Despite growing up in Utah, I've never been to the Grand Canyon. Until today. One word to describe this natural wonder: Wow! The skies were hazy, which meant the canyon wasn't at its most spectacular, according to Maya, but I was still pretty happy to see this amazing place. Here are just a few photos.

Lipan Point : The Grand Canyon

Photo copyright: Janet Kincaid, 05/09


Cele said...

Wow, you definately caught the grandure and pictuesque qualities of the Grand Canyon. I have best described looking at the Grand Canyon as looking at a painting. Amazing. But I will say my favorite picture you took was the final... Shadow Lands. Amazing.

Tash said...

Stunning. You did so well on all your photos. It's not easy to get good lighting on the canyon to show off its splendor. I noticed that the water in the Colorado was blue. I think that's rare too.

Lucy said...

Excellent photos! I've always wanted to work in that lodge year round. Would't it be great waking up to that.

marley said...

Oh wow! Hazy? Looks perfect to me. You have some fantastic photos. You can't have much longer to go on your travels. Make the most of it :)

Godinla said...

Wow, I thought the photos that I took of the GC were amazing. You've got me beat by a mile and a half. Your photos are like paintings. Masterful paintings.

Virginia said...

Yep WOW it is and no photos can give you that feeling you get when you see it the first time. Takes your breath away doesn't it! Your photos are pretty great though. Good job.

Janet Kincaid said...

Cele: Glad you enjoyed these! I tried to make the best out of the circumstances. I like Shadow Lands, too! (Great name for that, btw. Perhaps I'll hire you to name all my photos!)

Tash: Thanks! The Colorado was pretty impressive from way up where we were. I can only imagine how awesome the canyon and the river are from the river itself.

Lucy: You should do it! At least for a month or two. Could be fun. And yes, waking up to the G.C. would be fabulous! (But then so would Sedona and Yosemite, so it's a tough choice for me...)

Marley: Thank you! I tried to do the best I could with what I had. I'll definitely be going back. Perhaps in the winter. As for the road trip, I'm in San Francisco now and hoping to make Seattle by next Saturday.

GIL: I'd love to see your photos! I'm sure they're fabulous. Honestly, I doubt you can take a bad picture at a place like this.

VJ: I agree. The photos are good, but the real thing is way, way better.

Maya said...

Your shots came out great despite the haze! I especially like the last few in the slidshow.

Janet Kincaid said...

Maya: I think the landscape setting on my camera must have a built-in polarizer or something. I don't know. Still need to read that damn book. Anyway--seeing this was a lot of fun! Glad the pictures turned out despite the haze.