Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sedona Confidential

Steamboat Rock : Sedona, AZ

Maya's parents had to go down to their house in Sedona to do some maintenance work, so we went along and played tourist with her mom while her dad worked on a few things. I've never been to Sedona, but I've always heard people rave about this place and now I know why. It's beautiful! In addition to the stunning natural formations all around us, we also went and visited the Chapel of the Holy Cross. To see pictures of that, view the slideshow.

Photo copyright: Janet Kincaid, 05/09


marley said...

Blimey! What stunning scenery!

Cele said...

I never knew that was the name of the church, I always called it the cross between two candles. I've no clue why. Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon is one of those "Heaven on Earth" places.

NG said...

I spent many a day in Sedona. Love that place! If I'd know you were going through, I'd have given you a list of restaurants to go to... many of which, I'm sure aren't there anymore.

Virginia said...

That red rock is amazing. Your photos are wonderful J. Whoooeeeee!

PS I'm playing catch up this morning. I've been on the "Mumsie Express" this week with 3 recitals and 2 Grandparent's Day events. I am wo out!

Janet Kincaid said...

Marley: It was!

Cele: I agree. This place took my breath away.

NG: I think you and KOH should move to Sedona. Just sayin'... Next time I go to Sedona, I'll let you know so you can send me a list of restaurants.

VJ: Thanks! The red rock was stunning!

Maya said...

Seonda is a magical place. I'm glad you liked it!

Janet Kincaid said...

Maya: Sedona was amazing! Thanks for taking me down there.