Friday, November 21, 2008

Jazz Night

The Lovejoy Group performs in the Kogod Courtyard : SAAM/National Portrait Gallery

Last night, I met my friend Sylvia in the Kogod Courtyard adjoining the Smithsonian American Art Museum and the National Portrait Gallery. We had originally planned to see--or rather thought we would be seeing--part of the DC Fotoweek exhibit going on all over the city in galleries and museums this week. Alas, what we saw was a slide show of photos from the exhibit and listened to the jazz renderings of a group called The Lovejoy Group as part of the museum's weekly Take Five! series.

An evening in the Kogod Courtyard

It wasn't bad, but it wasn't what either of us expected. (And I still have no idea if my two photos I submitted ever made it into the exhibit. I never received a confirmation email from the organizers. But I have managed to garner 12 separate Evite emails from them inviting me to tomorrow night's closing fete at the National Georgaphic for $85 a pop! In the immortal words of someone: "I don't think so.") We ended up decamping to IHOP out in the states for a plate of pork chops (Sylvia) and pumpkin pancakes (me.) That did live up to expectations!

Photo copyright: D.C. Confidential, 11/08


Maya said...

What an interesting way to see the photos. Too bad it wasn't what you were hoping for. I hope the pancakes made up for it!

USelaine said...

It's midnight, and now you've made me hungry for blintzes. The nearest IHOP is in Santa Rosa. Not happening.

babooshka said...

I want a IHOP here, along with many other things, but I just keep reading about this pancake house and salivating.

This is quite common unfortunately your exhibit experienece. People who organise these things tend to be quite vague people and the paperwork can get mislaid forgotten. I would follow up with a gentle inquiry submissions and see if they were used. I have been to exhibtions to find my own work or my partner's on display without knowing until we attend. Also check if any sales were made. They do need to keep a record of that.

Bloddy hell I have gone on.

D.C. Confidential said...

Maya: I liked the concept, but the execution was a bit off. Perhaps if the facade of the building had been flat, it might have worked. The pancakes definitely made up for it!

USElaine: Santa Rosa?! Ukiah doesn't have an IHOP? Well, that's a shame. I'm sorry I left you craving blintzes. The next time I go to IHOP, I'll think of you!

Babooshka: You know, we've managed to export McDonald's to every corner of the world. Why can't we manage to bring IHOP to the masses? It's far superior to McDonald's, though probably just as bad for your heart and arteries as Mickey Dee's. As for my exhibit experience, I think I'll email them on Monday and ask what happened. I would have liked to have seen my photos on exhibit.