Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Macro Cat

Cat in macro

This isn't a desperation post. I have plenty of other material from this partisan, politic, provincial, perched-on-the-Potomac 'burg for posting, but I liked these two photos, so they're today's material. The other night, I tried to take macro pictures of the Dirty Bastard Cat (aka Pogeaux the Red.) He was more interested in rubbing his face all over my lens than letting me photograph him. Somehow, though, I managed to get these two shots, which I rather like.

Moving in to scratch his furry face on my macro lens

To see other photos of Monsieur le Pogo,* go here, here, here, here, and here. Maybe Marley of Cheltenham Daily Photo is right: I should just start a blog for all the cat pictures I take...

*Pardon my bastardization of French. My second language is German.

Photo copyright: D.C. Confidential, 09/08


Virginia said...

Now you're taking macros of the DBC! What's this world coming to???

JM said...

When I saw the thumbnail, I was not sure if it was a cat or any other kind of feline... Great capture!

Eric Salsbery said...


Anonymous said...

If you want a French spelling of Pogo, you have many options. The "o" sound can be made by these letters/letter combinations:


So, your options for the first syllable are:

Pau (also a town in southern France)
Peau (the french word for skin)

If you want to use the distinctively French "eau" in the second syllable, you have to put a u after the g to retain the hard g sound. So, your options are:

Gau (which doesn't look French; it looks German, a la Oberammergau)
Gault (I like this one!)

I like Peaugault. ;)

Anonymous said...

So that would be pronounced "po-zho," since g followed by i or e is soft. Guess they didn't know squat about French, either. :)

Lucy said...

I love those photos! But then, you just knew I would. The face of a cat is perfection in action.

D.C. Confidential said...

VJ: What's the world coming to? The end, I guess?

JM: Thanks!

Eric: I'll be sure to tell the DBC.

JA: On his official papers, his name is spelled Pogeaux. My concern about my French was whether I used the right article between Monsieur and Pogeaux. Too bad his name isn't German. I could call him Herr Baron von Reinhardt or something!

D.C. Confidential said...

JA: Oops! I just buggered up my comments. Well, phoo. As for the pronunciation of Pogeaux, quite often it gets pronounced Po-zho. I'll have to pass on this information to Brenda for future reference and in the event Lee Poulsen ever breeds and gives away Abyssinians again.

Lucy: He'll be happy to know he has fans!

D.C. Confidential said...

P.S. I should add, this cat has so many nicknames, it amazing he answers to anything at all.

Brown Boy
Pretty Boy
Buttercup (a la Gilbert & Sullivan)
Dirty Bastard Cat
Damn you, Pogo!

I could go on. I'll stop there for now.

Jackie said...

What fantastic cat pictures. You really are a very good photographer!

marley said...

Two great photos! I think you should do as I suggested. I'm nearly always right!! Having said that, my cat has let his blog slide over the last few weeks. Cats can be so lazy! :)

D.C. Confidential said...

Jackie: Thank you!

Marley: I should just give in and get the cat his own blog, but I'm afraid he'll get lazy and make me do it. That's all I need. One more blog.

babooshka said...

What marvellous macros. The details is wonderful. One photogentic cat you got there

Dusty Lens said...

Macro Cat always get the mouse. Fun photos! you just can;t go wrong with photos of our four legged friends.

I used to run 2 blogs, but find it's a lot of work. My main one is morphing away from CDP and becoming something completely different, eclectic.

D.C. Confidential said...

Babooshka: If I can get him to sit still long enough to snap a photo he's the perfect picture of a purebred cat. If he hadn't been neutered, he'd have been a wonderful show cat.

Rob: I got a few good ones of him this evening with his favorite toy clenched tightly in his mouth!

As for blogs and blogging, I dare not confess how many I've had! Although, my blogging habits are nothing compared to one blogger who has 32 blogs! How insane is that?

I've noticed yours is less about the Twin Cities and more artistic in nature lately. Regardless, your work is fantastic and inspiring and I'd visit no matter what you posted.

Professor said...

Nice pictures of the cat!

Maya said...

Wow, I can't believe he stood still enough for you to take that first shot! Amazing!

D.C. Confidential said...

Prof.: Thanks!

Maya: Me neither! These were the best of the batch that night.

Bernie said...

OK, wait a minute, Janet. Pogeaux? Do you (or your cat) have ties to Louisiana? My family and friends from there use that eaux spelling a lot for the "o" sound. Students and alums from LSU say "Geaux Tigers!" I have family memners whose name ends in eaux. I rarely see it outside of that state. Just wondering.

D.C. Confidential said...

Bernie: No, no ties to Louisiana.

What happened is this: The cat was a gift to my housemate from a friend of hers. He use to breed his Abbys and he had a female he named Kate. When he submitted the papers to register her, the association for purebred cats scratched out Kate and wrote in Katherine. When my housemate got her cat, she decided to name him Pogo, but knew, based on her friend's experience, that it wouldn't fly when she registered him. So, she spelled it Pogeaux and added "the Red" to the name and they approved it.

There you have it! No Cajun cat here!

pierre l said...

Sorry about the late comment. These are indeed great picture, as are the other cat pictures in the archives.
Having said that I love your other pictures as well.

D.C. Confidential said...

Pierre: Comments are always welcome, regardless of when they arrive! Glad you enjoyed the pictures of the cat and all the other pictures, too!