Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Roosevelt Island: Views

Georgetown University in the background (the building with spires) and
the Georgetown Waterfront with Key Bridge crossing the Potomac River
as seen from Roosevelt Island. (Click image to enlarge.)

Back in June, I featured an entry about Roosevelt Island. In addition to the memorial to Teddy Roosevelt, this little island to the west of the city in the Potomac River is encircled by some lovely trails, including a groomed trail through the island's swamp. It is an excellent spot for some shaded hiking or running, bird watching, and views of Virginia, Georgetown and its waterfront, and the Kennedy Center. These are just a few pictures of the lovely views from the island.

Rosslyn, Virginia, skyline to the west as seen from the eastern side of the river
and the footbridge to Roosevelt Island.

On the western shore of the Potomac River is the Commonwealth of Virginia. Right across from Washington is Rosslyn. There are no height restrictions on buildings across the river, so commercial spaces tend to be a bit larger and taller than what you find in the business and federal buildings in Washington itself.

Georgetown and Key Bridge as seen
from the footbridge to Roosevelt Island.
(Click image to enlarge.)

Photo copyright: D.C. Confidential, 6/08


Virginia said...

Thanks for the great tour today. I didn't know about any of these parks. I do have a request, if you haven't already posted it in the past - Albert Einstein. He is my all time favorite, well kept secret in D.C.

D.C. Confidential said...

Virginia: I posted him in May or June, I think. Here's the link.

Professor said...

This is wonderful and such a beautiful place in the middle of such a large & congested city. I like the informational tour with it!

D.C. Confidential said...

Prof: Thanks! I try to combine pictures with interesting information as I know some people might never have a chance to visit here. Where in the East did you live before you moved to Big Sky Country?

• Eliane • said...

Very nice pictures.We have a Roosevelt Island here too. Nowhere as pretty! I love Georgetown and walking/running along the Potomak.

Lara said...

what a nice place! through your lens, everything is alive and welcoming!