Saturday, June 28, 2008

19th Street Baptist Church

19th Street Baptist Church: Contagious Christianity since 1870!

Located at 4606 16th Street NW is one of Washington's oldest Baptist churches--19th Street Baptist Church. In March 1802, a group of Baptists joined together and began creating a religious community that would grow in prominence over the next 200 years. Six months after the initial members gathered, they acquired a plot of land at the corner of I and 19th Streets NW. They built a church and named it 19th Street Baptist Church. For more than 135 years the church met downtown, but in 1975 it moved to its current location on 16th Street. Despite its move from 19th Street to 16th Street, the church hasn't changed its name.

While the church's website includes a picture with D.C. mayor, Adrian Fenty, I don't know if this is actually where he goes to church. It's only a few blocks from his home, but then so too are a number of other churches.

Photo copyright: D.C. Confidential, 2/08

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Anonymous said...

This 16th street location used to be the home of B'Nai Israel Synagogue where my parents got married in 1963!