Friday, November 30, 2007


Ceiling fan

Just messing with iPhoto some more. This is the ceiling fan in the master bedroom of my house.

Photo copyright: D.C. Confidential, 11/07


Lara said...

interesting. at first I had no clue!

Dan said...

One of the most facinating things about photography is how you can take the most mundane scene and, by focusing attention, it become at least interesting if not beautiful. It makes me wonder how much beauty I just walk by every day without even noticing. Thanks for noticing this homey scene!

d.c. confidential said...

Lara: Funny! I guess because it's my ceiling fan it looks like, well, my ceiling fan. But I suppose if it wasn't familiar to me, I'd wonder what the heck it was too!

Dan: Welcome! I'm not always good at capturing the mundane in interesting ways, but with a little help from iPhoto, anything is possible, I guess. One of my favorite exercises when I'm out and about and I have time is to engage in what is called a Buddhist walking meditation.

Your own religion can remain intact during this exercise. No disavowing or converting required! Basically what you do is, you make yourself mindful of where you're placing your feet so as not to even stir the dust on the ground. As you slowly advance, you'll find yourself experiencing a heightened sense of awareness about everything around you.

Suddenly, you'll notice things like the veins in leaves on trees or the texture of brick, or the coolness and hidden recesses of shadows. Stuff you normally rush by and miss suddenly becomes enlarged and apparent.

Like I said, I don't always do a pure, full-on meditation-type walk, but a lot of times, I try to take my time around a subject I've chosen. Just a thought....

I'll be sure to get over and check out your blog!

Anonymous said...


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