Friday, January 1, 2010

So Long, Farewell, Au Revoir, Auf Wiedersehen...

My inspiration for my photography: Daniel Chester French's iconic memorial to Abraham Lincoln. This grand monument has been the backdrop of D.C. Confidential for 800 posts. It seems only fitting that it should be the last photo on this blog.

Well, folks, let's face it: D.C. Confidential's time has come. I love this blog and I love the city it initially covered. I've featured a lot of what makes Washington, D.C., beautiful and worth visiting and I'm proud of many of the photos I've posted here.

This blog started out with two purposes: 1) to allow me to develop my photography skills and 2) to get out and discover Washington, D.C., as more than just a place where I was working. I think I've accomplished both goals.

In May 2009, I relocated to Whidbey Island, Washington, and was fully prepared to start a blog there, but I was only on the island three days before I left for a "temporary" job in Switzerland. That's where I am now and I've covered a bit of what I've seen in Europe. But this blog isn't the appropriate site for that, so I'm starting anew.

My thanks to everyone who has visited D.C. Confidential over the last two years or so. Your comments and support have meant a lot to me and I appreciate the time you each took to look at my photos and leave comments. My thanks also to Eric and all the folks who make up the Daily City Photo community. I've been privileged to meet and become friends with some of you and I look forward to continuing that trend!

Now, please join me at my new photo blog: The F-Stops Here...

See you through the aperture!

Janet M. Kincaid


Shantaram said...

Every end is a beginning! Wish you the very best for 2010 - have a great year!

(And I'll try to be regular on your new blog...)

Cele said...

Oh my dear friend, I love your blogs. We lost one December of 2008, now we move from DC. Welcome to a new decade with a new blog, where you lead your faithful will follow.

Rob said...

Thanks for showing us D.C. and your travels abroad. It has been a fun ride making new friends and learning from each other. It is sad to depart from a familiar look we've grown accustomed to. But an exciting adventure awaits us with a new bookmark, see you there!

Maya said...

It's been nice getting to know you on this blog. I'm so glad it liked me! I hope your new blog does too!

pierre l said...

Many thanks for all the great photos. I trust that the Swiss assignment is going well. Living next door to Geneva sounds great.

Bob Crowe said...

Sorry to see the last of your terrific DC photos. But now you're in Switzerland - fantasyland, albeit a really, really expensive one. Let all your old friends know when you get the new blog running. It's hard to notice new ones with the hordes on CDPB these days.May your new year be, ah, less humid.

Janet M Kincaid said...

Shantaram: Thank you!

Cele: I hope the new blog is as interesting as the old... Thanks for being a faithful follower!

Rob: Yeah, I'm a little sad to leave D.C. behind. From a creative standpoint, it ended up begin very good to me. But it's time to focus on where I am and start anew. Here's to our new ventures in photography!

Maya: My old blog will miss you, but I have a feeling my new blog will like you just as much! ;-)

Pierre: The Swiss assignment is going quite well. I hope it continues to go well, too. Living near Geneva is definitely fun.

Bob: Fortunately, my family lives in the D.C. area, so I have no doubt I'll be back and occasionally posting photos from there. In the meantime, head over to my new blog. It's already up and running: