Tuesday, March 31, 2009


The Takoma Theater : Takoma Neighborhood
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One of my favorite places near the neighborhood where I live is the D.C. neighborhood of Takoma. It borders the State of Maryland and the (People's Republic) of Takoma Park--a crunchy, granola-y edge town over the border. The Takoma Theater is in the District. At one time, I imagine the neighborhood has a vibrant little shopping and theater district like many of the neighborhoods around here.

Edit (04.03.09): I'm posting the original photo for a friend who mentioned that colorblindness makes this photo difficult for him to see. Hope this helps.

Photo copyright: D.C. Confidential/Janet Kincaid


Cele said...

Okay I want to know how you got that picture, filter, apperture, the whole bit. Such a cool application.

Godinla said...

That is like the perfect colorblind persons nightmare. Those are the exact greens/blues that I can't friggin' see. There they are in all their glory, teasing me.

The Artful Eye said...

I love this image. Twin Peaks like.

I dig granola-edgy towns.

Hope your home endeavors are shaping up.

Maya said...

Interesting effect. How did you do it?

D.C. Confidential / Janet Kincaid said...

Cele: Nothing I did in the camera. It was all post-production editing. I mostly fiddled with the white balance and the color settings.

GIL: Oh dear. I'm sorry. I've posted the picture in its original format at the bottom of the entry for your viewing ease. Hope what you see now is an improvement.

Andrea: Kind of fun, isn't it? This town (D.C.) needs more granola-edgy places. It's a good counterpoint to our buttoned-up tendencies.

Maya: I cheated.

Kim said...

Hey, they spelled it wrong! ;^) Cool treatment for this shot! I adore sign shots and love to see them from everywhere. Variations in spelling make it interesting.
I'm glad your spring is developing a lot better than ours has. I glad you and Maya get to explore together in such beauty.