Sunday, March 8, 2009

Rushmore Confidential

Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Lincoln : Mount Rushmore

Finally, after seeing Wall Drug and driving through 35 miles of the Badlands, we high-tailed it back up to Rapid City and then headed south for 30 miles to see one of America's most iconic monuments, Mount Rushmore.

Approach to Mount Rushmore

I have only one word to describe what is surely the second or third most recognized memorial in America and that is: Wow! If you haven't been to Mount Rushmore, you must make a point of going at least once in your lifetime. It is amazing!

Mount Rushmore
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To some, it doesn't look like much, but when you realize that the bust of Washington alone is 460 feet high and then you compare that to the Washington Monument, which is 555 feet tall, it really puts it in perspective and makes quite a heady impression (no pun intended.) Put another way, imagine if we took Mount Rushmore and put it on the National Mall next to the Washington Monument. The difference between the two would be a mere 95 feet. It was truly spectacular! After the Lincoln Memorial, I think this is officially my favorite memorial.

Mount Rushmore

Photo copyright: D.C. Confidential, 03/09


Maya said...

I would really like to see this someday! Nice shots.

marley said...

That is a mazing! How long did it take to sculpt?

Just M said...

I love the shot from the side as you are coming down the road. I haven't been, but it is on the list of possible places to visit this summer.
Have fun on your trek across the country!

nessabates said...

Yeah I really want to visit one day myself!

The Artful Eye said...

We really enjoyed seeing Mt. Rushmore, it wasn't very easy to get to from our initial Wyoming location but definitely worth the detour.

D.C. Confidential said...

Maya: It was amazing! It would definitely be worth a road trip. Plus, there's the Crazy Horse Monument to see, as well as the Motorcycle Hall of Fame in Sturgis. There's more to see in S.D. than I appreciated.

Marley: Good question. When I get a chance, I'll find a link for Mt. Rushmore and post it. Meant to do that originally and then forgot.

Just M: This is an absolute must-see. My suggestion would be to see it in the off-season, though. Fewer people! :-)

Nessa: You definitely should.

Andrea: Isn't it amazing? I think it and the Lincoln Museum are my favorite memories from this trip.

Virginia said...

Just hanging out with the guys, huh? HA
I hear they have a light show etc at night that will knock your socks off.

Cele said...

I've always wanted to see Mount Rushmore, I hope to one day.

Bernie said...

Nice pictures, Janet. That is definitely something I want to see some time.

D.C. Confidential said...

VJ: Yeah, it was just me and the dudes. I was going to go to the light show, but after all the running around that day (nearly 200 miles of driving between Wall, the Badlands, and Rushmore) I ran out of oomph. Ergo, I missed the light show.

Cele: It is SO worth it!

Bernie: Definitely a must see!

Herb of DC said...

I saw this as a small child, thanks for bringing back the memories!

D.C. Confidential / Janet Kincaid said...

Herb: My pleasure!