Friday, January 30, 2009

Walk Away

Walk Away : Train Station : Manassas, Virginia

Returning to our wanderings through Old Town Manassas, here is the train station that provides commuter service between Washington and Manassas via Amtrak and the Virginia Railway Express (VRE.) These two photos stood out among all of the ones I took. The one above, I'm calling Walk Away.

Washington via Manassas

Photo copyright: D.C. Confidential, 01/09


Dusty Lens said...

There is something about trains and train stations that draw us in to them. Perhaps a sense of travel, freedom to visit distant places and witness new cultures, meet new people.

Virginia said...

Both are gr eat in their own special way. Love the color one but the BW is so timeless!

Bob Crowe said...

There's something particularly poignant about empty train stations. It feels like there's a need to go somewhere but no means to do it. Makes me think of a few backwater depots I've visited and some New York subway stations late at night.

Cele said...

I love the contrast of the red and green, great picture

Godinla said...

Hey DC, I'm pondering your offer to read something. I will try to talk myself into it. It's hard though because I hate to impose. I know you'll say it's not an imposition but I'm too self-effacing. I am considering it though.

Thanks for the offer and the help.

Maya said...

I like the colors in the second photo.

D.C. Confidential said...

Rob: The romance of a train is an alluring thing. You're right: they represent freedom and the possibility of new people and places in a way that air travel doesn't.

VJ: Thanks! I'm really groovin' on the black and white. I might have to print and frame it.

Bob: I agree. When I lived in Europe, I LOVED the train stations. Esp. the ones in the small towns and villages. They were usually quiet and empty with these tiny moments of activity and noise. We'd all bustle on, the train would leave, and the village would return to its bucolic tranquility as if it had never been touched.

Cele: Thanks! I think I might use that for a Christmas card one day just for the colors.

GIL: Please do consider it. The offer was sincere. So you know, I don't offer to just anyone. And you're not imposing at all. I asked, so knock it off with the self-effacing bull and send me something to read! ;-)

Maya: They're great, aren't they? I liked them, too.

Babooshka said...

Both have different quality. You realy know when to go monochrome or colour.

Merisi said...

Both images are brilliant!

Sadly, I never made it out to Manasses by train. Somehow it never entered my mind. The only train rides I took were to New York City, and once to Orlando, Florida.

D.C. Confidential said...

Babooshka: Thank you. Some images just work better in B&W while others are richer in color. I think I agree with you: I got it right on this one!

Merisi: I haven't been on the train between Manassas and D.C. either. Hm. Maybe I should do that one day. I loved riding the trains in Austria! Next time you're on one of those, send up a Gruss' Gott for me, please.