Friday, January 23, 2009

Urban as Art

Urban Van Gogh : Georgia Avenue NW

When you live in an urban setting and you walk the same streets day after day, it can sometimes be hard to find something interesting to photograph. Recently, though, as I try to see the potential of everything as a picture, I captured these two images. I recommend clicking on them so they enlarge and you can see some of their finer details.

Romaine Hearts : On L Street NW between 20th and 21st


At the end of a momentous week, here is a photo essay from the Boston Globe that captures not only the emotion of the inaugural here in Washington and around the country, but also around the world. A shout out to my friend, Virginia of Birmingham Daily Photo, for sending this to me. Thanks, VJ!

And in case you missed Mr. and Mrs. Obama's first dance at the Neighborhood Ball--the official ball for the District of Columbia--go back to Wednesday's entry and check the YouTube video at the end of that day's entry. I promise you won't regret it.

Photo copyright: D.C. Confidential, 01/09


Ron Bloomquist said...

Good Eye! Yes, walking the same route over and over can hopefully give us a reason to search deeper. And you successfully did!

On the Obama dancing link you posted yesterday there was a "pop-up" that popped up! Something about click here for the best movie 2C, something like that. Weird, never seen spam via U-tube before.

Ron Bloomquist said...

I just checked and it is still there. The pop up says "Click here for high quality' and then it takes me to a u-tube video called "One man"!


Virginia said...

Well you are being ever so creative today. Bravo and don't forget the lowfat yogurt .
Did I send that video???

Virginia said...

Oh, yes I did. Thanks to PJ in Pensacola DP for sending it to me!

Cele said...

Romaine it. I like the detail of each item stuck in the grate, the penmenship of the grocery list. The dog kibble/dirt clod. It's simplistic and everyday.

Brian said...

Those are very impressive photos. I love the grocery list especially. During the 10 years that I worked in a grocery store, I'll bet I've seen 100,000 grocery lists. lol :)

D.C. Confidential said...

Ron: That's what I enjoy about your blog and you manage to always find something deeper and more nuanced in your walks, which I find inspiring.

Per the video link, I noticed the weird spam thing, too, but I just didn't bother to click on it. Odd. Thanks for the heads up!

VJ: Yes, you sent me the video. Low fat yogurt I can do without. But romaine hearts, yum.

Cele: Thanks! I liked that, too, along with the randomness of it.

Brian: You should start collecting those grocery lists. You could do a whole blog about them. It could be the PostSecret of grocery lists!

Anonymous said...

Thought I would drop by and see how you were, your blogs looking great as I knew it would be! I did wonder when I saw the news about Obama's big day if you would be out there snapping. Nice to see you were and to see this urban art series. You will no doubt be amazed at what you will find!

Maya said...

I think it's a great exercise to try finding things to photograph in the everyday world around you. Nice shots!

D.C. Confidential said...

Lisa: So good to see you! Yes, I took full advantage of living in the middle of history and went to see the President's inauguration. I'm so glad I did. It was an amazing day. As for urban shooting, I'm trying to be more zen or Buddhist about it and, rather than just walking by stuff, am trying to see the potential in every little thing as I train my eye to discern the possibilities around me. So far, it's working. I think. :-)

Maya: I agree! I see the same stuff in my neighborhood when I'm out walking. The challenge for me is slowing down long enough to capture the extraordinary in the otherwise ordinary. Like the reflection in the window of the door. Of course, out of 65 pictures, I garner a handful of post-worthy ones. Hopefully I'll get better at this with time.