Sunday, January 18, 2009

Two Things Challenge: Paper / Plastic

Annual reports about the paper industry

"Paper or plastic?" Two words I said for years as a courtesy clerk at Albertsons, Inc. and as a cashier at Giant Food Inc. Those jobs paid for college and I'm grateful. In my current line of work I'm a writer and editor, so my life involves lots of paper. Professionally, I cut my teeth as an editor for the Pulp & Paper Newsgroup at Miller Freeman in San Francisco, later Paperloop, and now RISI. Eventually, I took a job with the American Forest & Paper Association, working on tissue and toweling products and recovered fiber (a fancy way of saying paper recycling) issues. The latter led to a brief stint at the National Recycling Coalition. Now, I work for myself. Recently, my job has included reading and writing about paper companies--a throwback to my first professional stint. Hence, this first shot: copies of some of the annual reports, printed on paper about the paper industry, that I've been reading for my research and writing.

Legos and Star Wars: The best combination in plastic. Ever.

And, for those who know me well, there are two things they know: I like Star Wars and I love Legos. Those little plastic bricks can keep me entertained for hours, if need be. The above picture combines the best of plastic into Legos' version of the the Millenium Falcon from Star Wars. So, there you have it: Paper / Plastic.

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The Artful Eye said...

This post is great for this challenge.

I didn't know you loved Star Wars or Legos. I also love Legos, Lincoln logs,Zoobs anything you can connect and make stuff with.

Do you have Darth Tater? from Mr.Potato Head Star Wars- Playskool

I miss participating in this challenge.

Eeyore said...

I worked at a grocery store in high school, but never uttered, "Paper or plastic?", so that dates me as significantly older than you. I also worked in the paper industry while I was in college, at a paper mill. Hardly ever saw the paper end though, mostly logs and chemicals and during the good summer, riding the river in a boat running water samples. I've got this funky cube that depending on how you look into it you see either Darth Vader or Yoda. Other than the DVDs, that's about all the Star Wars stuff I still have. I remember driving home down the interstate after seeing that first movie and having the strong urge to jump to light speed.

marley said...

Great choices. Lego and Star Wars, genius!

Virginia said...

I learned something new today about you my friend. I should have known! :)

PS You know that Eeyore is from my neck of the woods don't you? Nice people we have down here.

Brian said...

Great pictures and commentary. Due to traveling this week, I never did get around to the challenge, but I'll try harder next week :)

D.C. Confidential said...

Andrea: It's true. I love Star Wars. And occasionally, I watch Star Trek. But that's about it on the sci-fi side of things. I don't go to Trekkie conventions or anything. And yes, I confess, I have Darth Tater. He's SO cool! Join us for this week's challenge. It's Local/International.

Larry: In my day, we uttered "Paper or plastic?" A lot. I've seen the paper end of several mills, but never the pulp or pre-pulp end of one. I'd like to see that process. Who, may I ask, did you work for? I've probably written about them. As for light speed, I'd like that, but I'd really like that Star Trek transporter thing better!

Marley: Thanks! I tried to have fun with this one!

Virginia: Yep, me and Legos. I probably like them because they're so structured and orderly. Kind of like me on my better days. :-)

Brian: It's never too late to post an entry. If you want to do one later in the week and let me know, I'll add a link on the 2 Things blog to your interpretation. Hope you enjoyed your travels!

Lara said...

as always, a great post, with a great choice for the challenge!

chosha said...

Loving the Lego. :)

D.C. Confidential said...

Lara: Thanks! 2 Things Challenge is my weekly opportunity to have some fun and tried to do that with this entry. As it involved Legos, it was a lot of fun.

Chosha: Thank you! Legos ROCK!

Tash said...

Very clever on the paper annual reports on paper...and Lego figurines are so great. I loved playing with Legos as a kid (red & white with 4 sizes on the bricks only) and more recently with ton of wonderful Lego sets that my son has. Thanks for bringing up great memories.

Eeyore said...

The mill I worked for was called Georgia Kraft at the time. My father had worked for them from the time the mill opened in the late 1940's till he died in 1964, and I worked for them in the summers while in college. I think they've been bought and sold a few times since then, ain't that the way, but last I heard they were called Macon Kraft. The pulp and pre-pulp end was a pretty messy, hot, and smelly place. It paid well for a college job, but I wouldn't want to go back, even to just see it. Now that summer riding the river doing water samples, I might be willing to do that again, except it was twelve hour shifts all night long in the middle of the swamp. That was fun then, but I don't know if my body could take those hours now.

D.C. Confidential said...

Tash: Legos are just the best toy ever! If I'm ever down your way, I'm stopping in and playing Legos with you guys! (Pardon my rude self-invitation. My manners go right out the window when Legos are on the line!)

Larry: I think the company you use to work for is now owned by Graphic Packaging Inc. (How scary is it that I know that? Really? I need to get a life, obviously.) I've heard pulp mills are unpleasant smelling, but you know the saying in the industry, right? "That's the smell of money!"

Maya said...

Nice shots. Just so you know, I have real Kleenex at home.

D.C. Confidential said...

Maya: Thank goodness. As much as I believe in recycling, that reconstituted-from-office-paper tissue just doesn't cut it!