Monday, December 29, 2008


Widewater Gap in Winter

Yesterday, in a need to get out for a little bit, I went over to Widewater Gap on the C&O Canal for some walking and to enjoy the sunset. I've featured the gap on here a few times. You can see pictures of this beautiful setting here in the late spring and here in the fall. The photo above is how it looks in the winter.

Sunset : Widewater Gap

The gap is one of my favorite places in the D.C. Metro area. There are very few places one can access with relative ease in this area that offer this kind of tranquility and beauty. I love going here.

Encore : Widewater Gap

After I got home, I had a conversation with Virginia of Birmingham Daily Photo. Later that evening, she sent me a few quotes she had lying around in her inbox. This one struck me most:

Winter Foliage : Widewater Gap

"Although we have been taught that if we let go
we will end up with nothing, life reveals just the opposite:
that letting go is the real path to freedom."
--Sonia Rinpoche

Reflected : Widewater Gap

Photo copyright: D.C. Confidential, 12/08


Lori said...

beautiful sunset :)

thank you for continuing to visit us and leave thoughtful comments!

marley said...

These are all fantastic photos. Brilliant!

Bernie said...

Great shots! I love sunsets.

Maya said...

Beautiful shots. It looks like a lovely tranquil place. That is a powerful quote.

The Artful Eye said...

Beautiful, peaceful images. Widewater gap in winter reminds me of a painting and the Encore sky looks like cotton candy.

Wonderful, Rinpoche quote!

Happy New Year! Looking forward to our journey.

D.C. Confidential said...

Lori: Thanks! And you're welcome. I love your blog.

Marley: Thank you! Funny enough, I was thinking of you and some of your wonderful sunset pictures as I was taking these. I kept thinking, "Marley would have a field day with this scene!"

Bernie: Thanks! I love sunsets, too. (And, when I can drag myself out of bed, I enjoy a good sunrise now and then as well.)

Maya: Thank you. It is a lovely, tranquil place. I love going there. It's the next best thing to the ocean in these parts.

Andrea: Thanks! Isn't that quote amazing? And here's to our journey in 2009!

Virginia said...

Glad I could add a flourish to these amazing photographs. It's a quote that has spoken to me as well. Each one if these photos is lovlier than the next. Very well sot. You caught the sense of tranquility perfectly.