Thursday, October 16, 2008


Mr. Leon and Mr. Yarborough, chatting in the middle of the street.

Tuesday morning, after my walk, I came home to find these two gentlemen talking in the street outside my house. Knowing one of them, I sidled up and said, "Mr. Yarborough, obviously you missed a lesson in elementary school."

"What's that?" he asked.

"It's not safe to play in the middle of the street, don't you know?"

He laughed at me and poked me in the ribs, then we spent the next 30 minutes or so chatting. I snuck this photo of Mr. Yarborough and his friend while they traded stories.* These two gentlemen are my neighbors. The one on the left is Mr. Leon (that's his first name. I don't know his last name.) He was a school maintenance engineer for more than 30 years in the D.C. public schools. He lives across the street and down a few doors. On the right is my next door neighbor, Mr. Yarborough. He's a retired D.C. police officer with more than 30 years on the MPD. He's also the nicest man and I love having him as a neighbor. He and Mr. Leon have been friends for longer than either cared to admit!

* Which, for the record, I then showed to them and asked if I could use on my blog. Both of them said yes.

Photo copyright: D.C. Confidential, 10/08


Tanya said...

What a great pair of neighbors to have. I love the angle of the photograph.

Z said...

Sounds like a very nice neighborhood you have there!

Virginia said...

So what were you doing lying on your back in the middle of the street taking pictures??? I love these two guys too. Wonderful neighbors to have.

Professor said...

How great- and it's so nice to be friendly with your neighbors- so many folks are not.

LG said...

Great moment capture here.

And good on you for asking them. :)

D.C. Confidential said...

Tanya: They're both good guys. Mr Yarborough is especially lovely; we always enjoy a good conversation when we see each other.

Z: For the most part, it's a pretty decent street. There's always one family in every neighborhood who's trouble, but mostly we all keep to ourselves and are cordial to one another.

VJ: Actually, I was leaning against Mr. Yarborough's car. But now that you mention it, it does look like I was lying in the street! LOL!

Prof: That's part of what I LOVE about living in this neighborhood in the city. It reminds me of the neighborhood I grew up in in Utah where people sat on their porches and talked and knew each other. Out in the 'burbs, where my parents live, I don't think I've ever talked to or seen them talking to their neighbors. It's weird. But not here. And that's why I love my neighborhood.

LG: Thanks! Yeah, I'm getting better about the asking thing.

marley said...

Glad you got permission, we don't want old annonymous-the-spoil-sport rearing his/her ugly head again!

Its nice to know that you have nice neighbours. I think the sense of community is a really important part of ensuring a happy life :)

Maya said...

This post Rocks! I love the photo and the stories. What great neighbors!

D.C. Confidential said...

Marley: I know. The last thing I want to be called again is "low". Sheesh! I agree with you about good neighbors and community. It's why I mostly love where I live.

Maya: Thanks! Mr Yarborough is especially dear to me. He's just a kind, sweet man.

Dusty Lens said...

Warm an friendly post! Marvelous post!

Something I picked up, (not sure if it is how you intended); your vantage point appears to be from that of a child's perspective, looking up toward the gentlemen. As if a child looking up to a police officer and shcool maintenance worker; people children often see during school.

D.C. Confidential said...

Rob: Wow. Excellent perspective. I didn't even look at it that way, but now that you point it out, I totally see it. Good eye!

I did have the camera low and was trying to be casual about it and this was the result. Now that you've pointed out it looks like a little kid looking up, I like this photo even more!


NG said...

Great pic and story to go with.

But: "* Which, for the record, I then showed to them and asked if I could use on my blog. Both of them said yes."

I'm not sure I believe you. You have a history, you know.

D.C. Confidential said...

NG: I know. I've been branded a lowlife and an invader of privacy. I doubt I'll ever be able to overcome that blemish on my reputation. Dammit!