Sunday, June 15, 2008

Two Things Challenge: Fireplug

Recently replaced and certified fireplug in Northwest Washington.
This one isn't that far from where I live.

This week's Two Things Challenge was Fireplug / Flagpole. Here are my interpretations for fireplug. I learned a thing or two about fireplugs, or fire hydrants, this week from a friend of mine who's a firefighter with the DCFD. Fire hydrants are color coded based on water pressure. Red = high pressure, yellow = medium pressure, and green = low pressure.

A fireplug slated for replacement.
This one is less than a mile from the home of our city's mayor.

Here in D.C., fire plugs have been undergoing a survey, repair, and certification process after firefighters were unable to get the water and pressure they needed for a fire they were fighting in Adams-Morgan some months ago. They had to run hose from Connecticut Avenue over to 18th Street to fight their fire. The result has been a review of every single fireplug in the city. The survey found that 15% of fireplugs were inoperable! Those that have been reviewed and repaired have blue banding. Some, like the second photo, are still in need of work.

If you'd like to participate in this fun, weekly challenge, visit Two Things Challenge and play along. The more, the merrier!

Photo copyright: D.C. Confidential, 6/08


The Artful Eye said...

Now these have character, especially the useless one, covered in moss and patina.

I've been hooked on the Science Discovery channel's show "How Things are Made" and recently they showed how hydrants are made. They are very labor intensive, very intricately assembled and are actually about 10-12'in length when complete. We only get to see the top 2 feet.

D.C. Confidential said...

Andrea: I love "How Things Are Made"! It's a fun show. I had no idea fire hydrants were so long! But, it makes sense since they have to tap into the water lines underground.

I drive past that useless fire hydrant a few times a week and it always looks so sad. It's definitely a relic!

USelaine said...

Even your new one has more character than I see here in my town. I guess like most people, I take for granted that they'll work when the time comes.

Maya said...

I have a great shot of a yellow fire hydrant, but it's old and I only post photos from the day I take them. Oh well, next time!

I like your shots of both the hydrants and the flags. The circle of flags around the monument is great!

Bev said...

I also have learnt a lot about fireplugs from this week's challenge, and these appear to be antique fireplugs.

D.C. Confidential said...

USElaine: I think we take most infrastructure for granted in this country. At least, I know I do.

Maya: Bummer! Would have loved to include it. Still, it's never too late. Perhaps your daily wanderings will bring you in contact with a fireplug or flagpole begging to be photographed and we'll see something I can link to later... As a friend of mine always says, "It could happen, you know." :-)

Bev: I must say, I just assumed they'd have something like this in Britain. That said, though, I loved your drawing of a fireplug and could imagine a whole story book out of that one drawing.

Dusty Lens said...

Thank you for this information, something I didn't know. I find these hydrants and their surroundings fun to photo shoot.

I was out of town in northern MN until late last night. I missed the deadline.

d.c. confidential said...

Rob: It's never too late to post. If you have pictures you want to feature, just let me know and I'll add a link at 2 Things Challenge to your blog!

I learned a lot about fire hydrants, too! (Probably more than I wanted to. And I'm not sure it's comforting to know that most of the hydrants in my neighborhood are low pressure. Thank goodness for pumper trucks!)