Thursday, May 1, 2008


Numbers on a Metro bus stop sign

This month's theme for City Daily Photo bloggers is Numbers, so I scoured my archives to see if I could find anything with numbers in it that didn't include a shot of the front of my house. What I found was this picture of a Metro Bus sign. Metro, which is short for WMATA, which is the acronym for Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, is the transportation system that serves the Washington Metropolitan Area with busses and subways.

I'm not a registered City Daily Photo participant, (even though I manage to post as little as one and as many as 20+ photos per entry per day.) The result of my non-participation is, I never know what the month's theme is until I look at the blogs of those who are registered.

To see a full list of participants in City Daily Photo, visit anyone of these excellent blogs: BostonScapes, Quincy Daily Photo, Chicago Daily Photo, Cheltenham Daily Photo, Paris Daily Photo, Köln-Journal, and Vienna Daily Photo. These are just a sample of the more-than-175 photo and city enthusiasts around the world who post pictures of the places they live and work on a daily basis!


mirage2g said...

I found the numbers too long =D Ist there somthing like 133 or 144 lol. Happy Theme day Janet! Sorry I was late in doing my rounds to comment! TC!

D.C. Confidential said...

Aren't they, though? I mean, really. Who wants to memorize that? When it comes to customer service and making it easy, we really fall down in this country!