Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fish Market

Captain White Famous Fish at the D.C. Fish Market

The Maine Avenue Fish Market on the Southwest waterfront is one of the last of its kind on the East Coast. Established along the waterfront in the 1930s, I've heard tale it was once--and possibly still is--the largest fish market in the United States, but I find that hard to believe given the fish market in Seattle. I could be wrong, though. What I do understand, though, is fish markets like this are largely non-existent now in port and seaboard cities along both coasts, so this is a rare treasure I guess.

Folk shopping for fresh fish and shrimp

Snapshots of the fine seafood available at the fish market
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Located near the top of L'Enfant Plaza and mere blocks from the National Mall and all the tourists this town takes in, it is a local favorite and one of the few places not overrun by the aforementioned touristing types. If you want fresh fish and seafood, this is the place to go!

View of the Fish Market from the top of L'Enfant Plaza.
I-395 is on the right and passes over the market.

Here are some fun articles on the Fish Market: ZipUSA: 20024 (National Geographic); Fish Market Forces (DCist); and Washington DC Fish Market (Great Public Spaces).

Shiny and decrepit, all in one!

This last picture was a just a random composition I photographed as I was leaving the market. I'm trying to see a potential picture in everything and these shiny vending machines against the weather-worn building seemed photo-worthy!

And now, I'm off to Richmond and the Capital of the Confederacy for a day trip. I'll be back tomorrow and will have pictures aplenty to post from that great southern city, I'm sure!

Photo copyright: D.C. Confidential, 05/08


The Artful Eye said...

This fish market is amazing! I remember the Fulton fish market in New York growing up. It was so stinky and so many fish. I love to cook and eat fish, actually prefer cooking fish myself rather than eating out. They usually overcook the fish in restaurants.

Great vending machine photo.

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Wow,lovvvvvin this! Love the shiney/decrepid the colours, the real life. Nicely done!

D.C. Confidential said...

Andrea: I went the other day and when I climbed out of my enclosed, air-conditioned car, I just about fell over from the smell. Yuck. And I'm with you on fish: it's the rare restaurant that does it right, so I usually just cook it myself.

Lisa: Thanks! I had fun with this little photo safari. Amazingly, the vendors and customers were unfazed by my photographing stuff. They must be use to it, which is good, because I got some nice results...