Monday, May 19, 2008

Embassies of Washington

Embassy Location: 2300 Connecticut Avenue NW*
Hu Jintao, President
Wen Jiabao, Premier
Zhou Wenzhong, Ambassador
Geographical Location: Asia
Capital: Beijing
Population: 1.32 billion
Primary Industries: Agriculture, hydroelectricity, software piracy, numerous low-quality goods as exports

* This is its current location, however, the government of the People's Republic of China has been constructing an enormous new embassy on International Court NW. Construction should be completed in a few months.

Supporters of Tibet protest China's policies in a park across from the embassy

On the day I photographed the Chinese Embassy, supporters of Tibet were protesting in the little park across from the embassy. This was on the day the Olympic torch was making its appearance in San Francisco.

Embassy Location: 2124 Kalorama Road NW
Yayi Boni, President
Cyrille S. Oguin, Ambassador
Geographical Location: Africa
Capital: Porto Novo
Population: 8.43 million
Primary Industries: Subsistence agriculture, cotton production, tourism, food processing and agriculture, and telecommunications

Embassy Location: 2134 Kalorama Road NW
Boris Tadić, President
Vojislav Koštunica, Prime Minister
Dr. Ivan Vujacic, Ambassador
Geographical Location: Europe
Capital: Belgrade
Population: 8.02 million
Primary Industries: Agriculture (raspberries and leading frozen fruit exporter), transportation, and tourism.

Embassy Location: 2319 Wyoming Avenue NW
Ali Abdullah Saleh, President
Ali Mohammed Mujawar, Prime Minister
Abdulwahab Abdulla Al-Hajjri, Ambassador
Geographical Location: Middle East
Capital: Sana'a
Population: 22.23 million
Primary Industries: Oil and natural gas, seaborne trade, and tourism.

Photo copyright: D.C. Confidential, 4/08

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