Sunday, April 6, 2008

Two Things Challenge: Numbers / Letters

Diptych #1: Cool Dash and Neon Florist
(Dashboard lighting on a Volkswagon and Buckingham Florist in Arlington, VA)

I tried to have fun with this one and took a bunch of pictures of street signs, recipes in cookbooks, nutritional information on packages, crossword puzzles and word searches, and so forth. I thought about photographing license plates, but decided against that since it felt like an invasion of privacy and because I'm not willing to post my own license numbers on the internet. (Same goes for house numbers.)

Diptych #2: Analog / Digital
(The alarm clock in my bedroom and the clock radio in the office)

I thought about running downtown this morning and taking pictures of the different typefaces on the federal buildings, commercial spaces, and museums, but that requires a lot of time. (Besides, I've been downtown so many times in the last two weekends, I'm starting to look and act like the tourists!)

Diptych #3: Coast-to-Coast T-Shirts
(Places I've been in my travels: San Luis Obispo, California, and Charleston, South Carolina)

Then I thought about photographing only things with numbers and only things with letters, but that's nigh unto impossible. I finally settled on three subjects and created diptychs of each: t-shirts, clocks, and glowing/neon signs. My favorite diptych is #3, but mostly because the backs of these two t-shirts represent places I love and I have very fond memories of time spent in both!

Photo copyright: D.C. Confidential, 4/08


The Artful Eye said...

Nicely done, Janet. This challenge made me realize how much of our lives is surrounded by numbers/letters so many things we take for granted and we look everywhere and it's right there front of us.

Bev said...

Great, cool stylish pics, but then your's is a cool stylish blog.

mirage2g said...

Great finds, I would want to join in too, I just forget =D Any yes thanks for pointing out the importance of numbers and letters around us!

D.C. Confidential said...

Andrea: Thanks! I loved your contributions for very similar reasons. Several weeks ago, when I was out shooting the last of the churches of 16th Street, I took a bunch of pictures of traffic signage, but compared to yours and the scenery you had, mine were dull and flat. I'm glad you did traffic signs and had such beautiful scenery to accompany them.

Bev: Thank you! No one's ever called me (or anything about me) cool and stylish!

Gizelle: Thanks! Numbers and letters from Vienna would have been great! You can still participate. If you photograph and post a picture within the challenge this week, let me know and I'll add it to the interpretations.

Dusty Lens said...

Ah, a fellow Parothead! I liked your fisrt pics, as I like neon night signs. Ironically, I took a pic of my dash showing the odometer reading of 193,752. But that's history, I went with fod based.

Glad you enjoy my music selection. I relocated the player in case my viewers wish to turn the volume down, pause it, or go on to the next selection. I am trying to find Rachel Portman's works, she did the msic fo rthe movie Chocolat.

Yes, I enjoy non-mainstream and somewhat obscure music. You know, the kind of music you will never hear on radio.

Please let me know if my music is off the mark so that I can make the proper corrections.

We had a grand time at the Pink Martini concert. On March 19th, I wrote up a concert mini review.

D.C. Confidential said...

DL: Glad you enjoyed these!

I saw Pink Martini on Feb. 28 at the Kennedy Center with my sister and had an absolute blast! I meant to post about it, but my pictures didn't turn out (must get a better camera in order to photograph concerts.) I've also seen them at Wolf Trap and had an absolute ball! I recommend them to everyone.

And I think you're converting me to Deezer!

Maya said...

These are great! I especially love the dashboard and Margaritaville ones.

D.C. Confidential said...

Maya: Thanks! I like those ones, too. I always try to have a little fun with the Two Things Challenge.