Friday, December 14, 2007


Entrance to the education center at Mt. Vernon.

This is the final post in this series about Mt. Vernon. (At least until the 26th anyway, when I may follow up with additional information after my visit there with a friend's mother.)

In addition to the Ford Orientation Center and the estate and grounds themselves, Mt. Vernon now includes an education center and museum. The education center engages forensic science in an effort to ascertain what Washington looked like at 19, 45, and 51. This section of Mt. Vernon is a little Disneyfied in that it's aurally and visually very stimulating. The learning center provides information on Washington career's, his thoughts on religion and government, the types of crops he grew at Mt. Vernon, and his transition from president to citizen.

The highlight of the learning center is the exhibit room that deals with nothing but George Washington's oral (as in dental) history! Unfortunately, photography isn't allowed in that section of the center, so I have no pictures of his dentures to show.

In addition to the learning center, there is also a museum that showcases furnishings, table settings, and clothing that were original to the estate, as well Remington Peale's portraits of Mr. and Mrs. Washington.

Hope you've enjoyed this whirlwind tour. It's been a fun week for me!


Bobbie said...

I've LOVED this series on Mount Vernon and also learned much new information. I look forward to the next postings and enjoy this blog very much. I find myself looking for ward to your posts.

Debi said...

Like Bobbie, I have thoroughly enjoyed the virtual tour of Mt. Vernon you've provided us. You have a real knack for including the tidbits that are interesting and for sharing good overall information and feel for the places you take us to.

And, without trying to be disrespectful, the Founding Father's head glowing is a little bit funny. A little bit Disney as you say. Still...I want to see it! ha

D.C. Confidential said...

Bobbie: I really enjoyed doing this series and having such great feedback. Thank you for looking in every day and leaving comments.

Debi: Yes, it is a little Disney, isn't it? Although, it does photograph relatively well. Of course, the floating head is just the beginning of the Disneyafication of the education center... It really must be seen to be believed.