Thursday, December 20, 2007


Christmas lights at the Mormon Temple in Kensington, Maryland.

One of the many creches on display at the Mormon Temple Visitors' Center in Kensington

Through the end of December, there are several light festivals in the D.C. area. In its 30th year, the Festival of Lights at the Mormon Temple in Kensington, Maryland, has gained popularity over the decades. Where before it was mostly people from the neighborhood and members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who visited this yearly event, now folks from all of the region drive to Maryland--some by the busload, literally--to see the lights and attend musical performances in the Visitors' Center. The Festival of Lights also includes a live nativity and a display of creches from all over the world. My favorite this year was the Amish creche.

Photo copyright: D.C. Confidential, 12/07


Bobbie said...

Beautiful night photography. I love the little creche, it looks like it is made of play-dough :) The baby Jesus on the bed of "diamonds" is so different.

Lara said...

festive indeed! and the creche it's nice, but different from ours!

Lara said...

all the best for the holidays! see you next year with more great photos!

Bev said...

Lovely lights and excellent photographs. I think you get a better class of lights than round where I live! Also like the Amish creche, very simmple and pared down, as befitting their lifestyle.

D.C. Confidential said...

Bobbie: Thank you! And yes, the Amish creche does look a little play-doo-y. Although, the funniest (or maybe tackiest would be the better word?) creche was a Fisher-Price Little People creche.

Lara: As a German speaker, I think you'd be fascinated by the Amish (also known as the Pennsylvania Dutch.) They are a simple community of folks who emigrated from Germany in the 1700s. They don't use electricity or drive cars and pretty everything they eat, work with, live in or wear is either grown or made by hand. As for the creche display, the rest of the nativities were made from wood and porcelain and granite and were far more traditional. They also came from all over the world, including Poland, Ghana, Australia, the U.S., and the Pacific Islands.

Frohliche Weihnachten, Lara, und Alles Gute im Neuen Jahr!

Bev: There are some pretty fun light shows in these parts. I need to go to the Zoolights Festival they have at the National Zoo and see what that's all about. At the very least, it's been fun trying to figure out how to shoot lights at night.