Monday, September 3, 2007

Random Lexington

Labor Day 2007: Part VI, Sunday

Rabbit in a Cemetery, Lexington, Virginia.

Stained glass reflection, R.E. Lee Memorial Episcopal Church, Lexington, Virginia.

No grande latte cappucino no foam, high falutin' corporate coffee here! On Route 606, just outside Lexington, Virginia.

Just a few random, oddball pictures from this weekend's trip to Lexington, Virginia.

A rabbit in the Stonewall Jackson Cemetery.

The sun pouring through the window of the R.E. Lee Memorial Episcopal Church (not to be confused with the Lee Chapel, where Lee is buried. This church was built after Lee's death. He approved the plans for the church five days before his death.)

And an odd building in the shape of a coffee pot. Could this be the predecessor to Starbucks?

Lexington was lovely! If you're looking for someplace to visit in Virginia, this town is well worth the drive and time.

Zip: 24450

Photo copyright: D.C. Confidential (09/07)

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